Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kristen: 7 of 15

Title: Switched
Author: Amanda Hocking
Pages: 330

Description (from Amazon.com)

Switched - the first book in the Trylle Trilogy...

When Wendy Everly was six-years-old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. It isn't until eleven years later that Wendy discovers her mother might have been right.

With the help of Finn Holmes, Wendy finds herself in a world she never knew existed - a world both beautiful and frightening, and Wendy's not sure she wants to be a part of it.

My Thoughts:

This is the first book I purchased to read on the Kindle for iPad app.  I choose this one off of a Kindle top sellers list when I decided I'd give reading on the iPad a try, even though I was against the idea before.

Pros: You can get your book right away. HUGE plus, especially when you get to the end of a book of a series and you want the next one.  No waiting for it to be shipped, or having to drive to the store.  Also, I rather enjoyed propping the iPad up in a pillow next to me as I lounged in bed and just tapping the screen to turn the page, plus no need for a book mark, it's always open to where you left it.

Cons: There's the battery life to think about.  While the battery life really lasts a LONG time.  I got through this book and halfway through the next before I had to plug it in, its still something you have to think about.  There's the fact that you are reading on an electronic device... as if my eyes don't spend enough time staring at a computer screen or a television.  Then there's the lack of a physical book to hold.  I realize this was also part of my "pros" but there's just something about holding a book that is nice.  Feeling how far you are into it, how far you've got to go. (granted there is a percentage bar at the bottom, it just doesn't quite feel the same).

All in all, I'll never give up the paper book it's definitely my favorite, but I'll keep the e book around too.  Anyhoo, on to the book review...

This book was different and familiar all at the same time.  In a way it kind of had a Twilight feel to it, but not really.  Wendy finds out that everything she thought about life is basically false, and that the stuff of myths is reality.  She was switched at birth by her real family to live with a human family and is now supposed to take her rightful place on the throne as the Trylle Princess.  Trylle are trolls, but not in the way that we imagine them; they are beautiful and powerful.  She has to learn her place in her new world. 

It's an interesting story and a quick easy read.  I really enjoyed it and would recomend it to someone looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kristen: 6 of 15

Title: Happy Ever After
Author: Nora Roberts
Pages: 368
Rating: ****

I loved the final book in the Bride Quartet!  This was by far my favorite!  I find that funny considering how when I finished book one I had this moment of let down realizing that the next books wouldn't be centered around Mac, the photographer, whom I'd completely fallen for! (not in a gay way)  I even had a brief thought of, "I really don't want to read an entire book about boring, stuffy Parker..."  Boy was I wrong!  In this book we follow Parker, the definition of perfection & the head of Vows, as she finds herself falling for the bad boy Malcolm.  All the while coming full circle as the girls prep for Mac's BIG day.

Since so much of the books revolves around why/where the girls are in this business together, it's neat to see a little deeper into Parker.  Vows may be a part of them all but it was her idea.  After the death of her parents, she turned the tragedy and their home in to something beautiful.  Plus the chemistry between Parker and Malcolm is undeniably steamy!  Read this one cover to cover in no time.  And the last two chapters pretty much had me in tears all the way through.  (In a good way!)  I recommend these books if you are looking for something fun to read.  This definitely isn't your heavier material, but hey four more books down and I throughly enjoyed myself along the way!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kristen: 5 of 15

Title: Savor the Moment
Author: Nora Roberts
Pages: 339
Rating: ***

The third book in the bride series is about Laurel, the cake decorator of the group.  She actually does more than decorate wedding cakes, she's solo pastry chef for Vows which made parts of this one pretty fun for me to read.  Other times, this one seemed to lag, just a bit.  Or perhaps seem a little repetitive or the previous book.  All and all however, I enjoyed it and it even made me cry (in a good way).  I am on to the fourth and final tonight.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rachel: #1 The Alchemist

I finished this book almost 2 weeks ago, I am little late posting.

The story is about a shepardd boy, sounds lame I know but this book has magic. It makes you want to do things that you've always wanted to do but put off. Santiago (Shepard boy) starts of on a journey for treasure and finds something even better within himself. I don't want to give to much away. I think this is a book that should be read once a year to keep you in check. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Rachel (the lollygagger of page turners)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Kristen: 3 & 4 of 15

Title: Vision in White
Author: Nora Roberts
Pages: 343
Rating: ***1/2

Title: Bed of Roses
Author: Nora Roberts
Pages: 358
Rating: *** 1/2

When I mentioned that I was doing the 15 book challenge, Chads mom gave me a few books to read by her favorite author, Nora Roberts.  I've never read any of her work, but figured I'd give it a try.  The reason I'm posting these two in the same post is twofold: 1) I read them in the same weekend and didn't have time to blog after completing the first one and 2) They are both part of the same four part series.

Having said that, "The Bride Quartet" as these books are referred follow a group of four lifelong besties who are also partners in "the" wedding company called Vows.  Each book is centered one of the girls.  Each of whom specializes in one of the aspects of the biz, i.e. the photographer, florist, pastry chef and the wedding planner.

The first in the series, Vision in White, follows Mackensie or "Mac" the professional photographer of the group.  She's always felt that for her love and romance should be on the other side of the camera lens or in a picture frame, certainly not something to let into her heart... until she comes smack head on with the cutie brother of a potential client. 

The second book, Bed of Roses, follows Emma the ridiculously beautiful and hopelessly romantic florist.  Never with out a date any night of the week because she's constantly searching for the one who will sweep her off her feet.

These books, while a little predictable, are light hearted, fun, quick & easy reads.  They focus on the bonds of friendship with touching moments and mixed in with plenty of romance.  Both books left me wanting to read the next.  I look forward to the next two, even if I pretty much have already predicted the outcomes of each of them.  I'm sure it will be enjoyable to see it played out.