Monday, February 21, 2011

Kristen: 6 of 15

Title: Happy Ever After
Author: Nora Roberts
Pages: 368
Rating: ****

I loved the final book in the Bride Quartet!  This was by far my favorite!  I find that funny considering how when I finished book one I had this moment of let down realizing that the next books wouldn't be centered around Mac, the photographer, whom I'd completely fallen for! (not in a gay way)  I even had a brief thought of, "I really don't want to read an entire book about boring, stuffy Parker..."  Boy was I wrong!  In this book we follow Parker, the definition of perfection & the head of Vows, as she finds herself falling for the bad boy Malcolm.  All the while coming full circle as the girls prep for Mac's BIG day.

Since so much of the books revolves around why/where the girls are in this business together, it's neat to see a little deeper into Parker.  Vows may be a part of them all but it was her idea.  After the death of her parents, she turned the tragedy and their home in to something beautiful.  Plus the chemistry between Parker and Malcolm is undeniably steamy!  Read this one cover to cover in no time.  And the last two chapters pretty much had me in tears all the way through.  (In a good way!)  I recommend these books if you are looking for something fun to read.  This definitely isn't your heavier material, but hey four more books down and I throughly enjoyed myself along the way!

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